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Reviews and press articles about Tolstoy Cottage

Revisiting Alexandra Tolstoy’s enchanting cottage in the Oxfordshire countryside

– House & Garden, August 2023

Inside Alexandra Tolstoy’s 18th-Century Oxfordshire Cottage | Design Notes

– House & Garden, August 2023

Office in Alexandra Tolstoy luxury Cottage Cotswolds
How to create the perfect home office

Fiona McKenzie Johnston dives into what makes a home office more than just a swivel chair and a desk.

– House & Garden, April 2023

Staircase Alexandra Tolstoy Cottage Cotswolds
Alexandra Tolstoy’s fairytale Oxfordshire cottage

Find out how Alexandra, with the help of her designer, has created a traditional interior that incorporates and complements her collection of antiques.

– House & Garden, July 2021

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